The Gear I Use …

My EVDO Setup

I use the Sprint Network.  I live in Mathews County, Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay.

This is where I am located relative to the tower, and what is in between.

I use a Franklin CDU-680 USB modem:

Or I can use a Sprint Mogul:

Or a Sumsung Ace:

The modem is plugged into a spare desktop and I am using Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) with a Belkin N1 Vision router:

I set my HA's via the ##DATA screen and use these numbers:

Primary Charlotte

Secondary Atlanta

My TCP Settings are set via Dr.TCP and look like this:

I use an 2.4 GHz parabolic grid antenna connected to the modem via 30 ft of low loss LMR-400 cable:


I have it pointed directly toward the tower even though it has no line-of-sight.  My view:


This is what my ##DEBUG screen reports.  All the data is very good:

This is pretty typical of the speed I get:


Typical ping test:

ping google

My "operations center":

Now you know where all this rambling originates