Sharing EVDO ... Using a Cell Phone

There is a method to share your EVDO among multiple devices without a router at all.

It takes a PDA/Smartphone . Tethering or Phone As Modem (PAM) plan not needed.

Here is what I have and how I do it.

Obviously you need a cellphone that is EVDO capable, and a unlimited data plan. It also needs to have WiFi capability. In addition to a EVDO data modem I have a Sprint Mogul (HTC Titan/6800).

This little wonder has a hardware WiFi switch on the side. Perfect for sharing a internet connection among several laptops or desktops that have Wifi cards.

I use a program with it called WMwifirouter. No tethering needed, it is all done wirelessly. Simply install this app on your compatible phone and place it in a good signal spot. All your wireless devices can now connect seamlessly.

This is incredibly simple to setup. There is a free trial available at
Sprint has unlimited data use with many cellphone plans, but caps its air cards. So if you want to eliminate the 5GB limitation, this is how to do it...absolutely no separate router needed. Take it on the road, use it at home. It is the perfect solution to use as a backup when your data card won't connect or as a standalone application.
So essentially you have transformed your smartphone into a portable EVDO router for about $30. Darn good purchase IMO.

As an added bonus, if your phone does not have wifi, you can still use the program to tether with a USB cable.

Check out WMwifirouter to see if your phone is supported and additional info. Its a great program.

Another competing program is called WalkingHotSpot. This essentially does the same thing albeit with different purchase options (monthly,yearly) and also has a 7 day trial.

This program supports Symbian based and Windows Mobile 6 Professional and above phones.