Using the Cyfre Amp with Directional Antennas

The Cyfre CA819 amp is designed to work with dual-band antennas as shipped. If you want to use a directional antenna such as a parabolic grid, yagi, or panel that is single band (800 or 1900 MHz) then you have to make some changes.
Using a single band antenna without these changes will void the warranty and can damage the amplifier. What is needed is a antenna splitter:

Antenna Splitter
With the proper connectors, your directional antenna, and either a 50 ohm terminator or a dual-band antenna, the splitter connected to the amp will look like this ( shown with 50 ohm terminator on top left ):    see note on using terminator at the end of this article

Antenna Splitter and Amp
In this picture I have the amp, splitter, terminator, and a directional panel hooked up – you would substitute the grid for the panel if that is what you’re using. Put a 1/8” support under the splitter to level it with the amp antenna input. This will take any stress off the connection:

Antenna Splitter with Panel

And here, the amp, splitter , dual-band antenna, and the panel -  with the connectors separated, this is the recommended setup:

Antenna Splitter, amp, duall band, panel

Here is a breakdown of the connectors used ( if using a dual-band antenna with a grid antenna the terminator is not needed – see note on terminator use ):
 Antenna Splitter Connectors

This combination – the Cyfre CA819 Amp Kit, the splitter, and a parabolic grid antenna - will get you the absolute best signal obtainable.
I’ve used this to make 8 mile links – non-line of sight, through tree’s like this:
Antenna Splittter with Grid

There is no other setup I have used that performs as well – and I’ve tried a bunch.
The connectors and parts I used are as follows:
The antenna splitter – here
The 50 ohm terminator – here (see note below)
The N/male to N/male adapters – here
The N/male to TNC/male adapter - here
.. and of course the Cyfre CA819 Amplifier Kit from MaximumSignal
Truly great performance!

Note on terminator use:
My good friend Jeff of informed me of an email he had received from Cyfre regarding the use of a terminator on the splitter. To paraphrase here: “the use of the terminator can disrupt the balance of the amp and possibly lead to failure. He (Cyfre engineer) most emphatically stated that the antenna is a must, even if you don't have or use any Verizon or other 850 series service.
So, with that data in mind I cannot recommend that you use the splitter this way – although I have without issue. Just use the included kit antenna with the splitter when hooking up a parabolic grid or other directional antenna.
Thanks Jeff!