Being portable – with a grid antenna

I often swap 2400 and 900 grid antennas back and forth when I am testing at home or going to remote site.

Obviously something portable and easy to transport is key . So I bought a tripod made for satellite dishes and added a five foot length of 1.25” steel conduit  for the mast,  this is about 7ft overall height:
grid on tripod
The tripod comes completely assembled and even has a 3 foot mast included, which I swapped out for the longer piece. If you don't tighten down the bolts, it very easy to rotate the antenna slowly while observing signal strength. A very easy method for optimal pointing - and stable.
Each leg has rotating mounts for attachment to a roof. So if you are scurrying around up there you can use this to find the best location then bolt or screw it down.
The legs fold up and I just throw the whole rig in the back of the truck and I’m off.
Its a great solution for how I use it … and its cheap - $29.99    Get it at - Link for tripod here.