Resetting the modem to factory defaults...the ##RTN

If your modem is totally porked and you want to start all over with the factory defaults you need to perform a RTN. You access this the same way you do with the DATA screen. While disconnected from the network, hold your mouse pointer over the "+" box, hold down shift and type ##RTN. enter your MSL. It will ask for the MDN and MSID. On the Franklin CDU-680 both of these numbers are 00000 and 00000 (all zeros). On other modems you can find the info on the menu of the connection manager.

Note on any modem you have to take it out of the EVDO Only or HDR Only mode and put it in automatic before doing this,

After you enter these numbers it will walk you through the rest of resetting. It might say " profile update unavailable" or have you wait four hours...ignore it. You will get updated anyway.